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Hey everyone! How’s everyone’s week so far? The weather has been awful wouldn’t you agree? I’ve been so busy these last two weeks, I’ve recently just had a new weave and I’m totes loving it! “New hair new me” as they say! This hair is totally different to any hair extensions I’ve used before. This time I have gone for the Brazilian hair extensions which roughly cost about £80 + a bundle.

So far these extensions have been a good investment as there is barely any shedding. I think it’s important that if you’re going to get extensions try and get the best ones as possible. Although The Brazilian ones are expensive I won't have to throw them away every time I re-do my weave. Unlike in the past when I have bought extensions they only last about 2-3 month until I have to throw them away.  At least with the Brazilian extensions providing I take good care of them there is no reason why they shouldn’t last me a year!

I really like the feeling of these extensions and unlike many others these are so  soft and they are not coarse. They are 100% human hair which means you can practically do whatever you want to them. My best advice I could you would be to 'TREAT YOUR EXTENSIONS LIKE IT'S YOUR OWN HAIR' If your wanting your extensions to last you a long time don't do anything to them that you wouldn't be willing to do to your own hair. If you stick by this golden rule, your extensions ( providing they are good quality) should last you for as long as you need them too.  If you are looking to invest in some new extensions I would definitely recommend either Brazilian or Peruvian. Again the Peruvian extensions are expensive but your paying for high quality!

Although these extensions are excellent for weaves don’t forget you can use these to make your own clip in extensions and they're totally easy to do!
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  11. Brazilian hair extensions or any 100% human hair extensions may be more expensive than mixed or synthetic ones, but as you said, they do last longer with proper care and maintenance. Plus, you can style and color human hair extensions, so you can save money on replacing extensions whenever you want to make any changes. Thanks for sharing, Jessica! You look great! -Elnora @ Beyond Hair

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